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Covid 19 Psychological Support: Face Scan

Support for HSE staff during the Covid 19 emergency

Face Scan Steps


Involves: Sitting down and thinking and scanning your face

Time it takes: Approx. 2 minutes 40 seconds

Audience: Busy colleagues who may need a moment to express gratitude to a loved one

Preparation: Practice reading the exercise once or twice through

What people say about this exercise: Nicely

This practice requires you to scan your face. It may sound strange but it can be useful to centre yourself and help you connect with your body in the here and now.   

  1. Sitting comfortably close your eyes
  2. Take a deep breath in and out
  3. Bring your attention to face
  4. Begin to explore your faces boundaries – bring your attention to where your face begins and where it ends.
  5. Start to focus on each specific part of your face
    1. First to your jaw
    2. Then bring your attention to your lips
    3. Then to your mouth
    4. Focus on your tongue – slowly move your tongue over each tooth noticing the sensation
    5. Move your attention to your nose
    6. Then to your eyes resting in the sockets
    7. Notice the weight of your eyelids
    8. Bring your attention to your forehead
    9. And then to your temples
    10. Notice the ears – first bring your attention to the right ear and then to the left
    11. Bring your attention to your scalp – massage your scalp with awareness bringing your attention from your forehead to the start of your spine
  6. While scanning the face notice any judgement as just judgements
  7. Try to resist the urge to change your facial expression – just notice your face as it is in the moment
  8. Take a deep breath in and out
  9. Gently and slowly open your eyes

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