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Covid-19 HSE Clinical Guidance and Evidence

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Critical Care Resource COVID 19

Resources available for critical care nurses and staff redeployed to critical care:

1. Critical Care Resource Covid-19 for critical care nurses and staff redeployed to critical care

Break down of resource pack content:

2. Covid-19 Overview    

  • Acutely Ill Patient with Covid-19    
  • ICU/ HDU Nursing Course - Covid-19    
  • Infection Prevention and Control    
  • Nursing Practice    
  • Respiratory Care    
  • Safety Pause
  1. Care of Covid-19 patients requiring Critical Care, for Critical Care Nurses and those redeployed to Critical Care. Online educational resource developed collaboratively with UCD Critical Care Nursing faculty.
  2. Booklet for redeployed Nurses to Critical Care Resource developed in collaboration with National Critical Care Facilitators
  3. Additional Critical Care Foundation Course via UCD/UCC available to both public and private Nursing/Midwifery staff during Covid-19. Apply to UCD and applications for UCC.
  4. UCC-Covid-19 Resource Centre Platform for sharing of resources across Critical Care units

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